CNA Environment & Health Group Development

The four people who are leading the development of the group are :

Jo-Anne MacDonald ac.awattou|960dcamj#ac.awattou|960dcamj
Jenn Otto moc.nsm|757ottonnej#moc.nsm|757ottonnej
Shelly Archibald ac.cq.cs-ch|dlabihcra_yllehs#ac.cq.cs-ch|dlabihcra_yllehs
Jody (Geraldine) Macdonald ac.otnorotu|dlanodcam.g#ac.otnorotu|dlanodcam.g (wiki site manager — let me know if issues)

With support from CNA via Della Faulkner [ac.ciia-anc|renkluafd#ac.ciia-anc|renkluafd]

Site Members as of Jan 16, 2009

Della Faulkner
Jody Macdonald
Jenn Otto
Jo-Anne MacDonald
Patti Hansen-Ketchum
Shelly Archibald
Naomi Higenbottam
Monica Kohlhammer

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